Monday, June 11, 2007

busy bunch of restful nothing

Now that was a weekend.

Fast on the heels of my crappy week, I managed to have a hefty string of nightmares Friday night leaving me even more exhausted and dreading a busy social calendar throughout the weekend. Fortunately, however, everything that we'd planned in that busy schedule was nice and I'm back at work this morning feeling rested and recharged, even if I'm still having nightmares and not sleeping well.

Tina and Mat's barbecue was nice. They bought a house last year out in Brentwood, a neighborhood near Antioch, CA. It's pretty far from us and I know that the distance has been bugging Amanda since she feels like she and Tina don't see each other enough anymore. I think this is the actual map we used to get there:


Regardless of the drive, we had a really nice time. Manda got a chance to swim in their pool for a long time. Me and my ear-infection-prone ears got to sit on the deck and relax, which was Much Needed Relaxation Period 1 for the weekend. Plus, Mat has a bunch of games so I got my first hands-on experience with a PS3. I spent my afternoon digging on "Resistance: Fall of Man" and Mat's barbecue sauce-infused hot dogs.

Sunday we started off with a picnic with our friends Sharlene and Alan, or as I like to think of it, Much Needed Relaxation Period 2. We hung out on the grass of San Mateo's Central Park blabbing about nothing in particular (actually, about Google, Microsoft, and magical Mormon underwear - if you must know). After that, Manda and I headed down to Palo Alto for a date. We went to the Stanford Theater and watched 1951's "The African Queen" starring Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn. We finished the night off with some coffee and hot chocolate at a little cafe.

Good stuff, all of it. Now I'm ready to face the week headlong and tackle all of the crap that's waiting on deck for my attention. Christ ... that might be the worst mixed metaphor I've ever written.


EmoRiot said...

you still get ear infections? You need tubes. Call Dr. Handler, I guess. I know he's a pediatric doc, but maybe you could make the case that with all your video game playing and pajama weekends you're a bit of a man-child anyway. Just don't mention that you're house shopping because that immediately disqualifies you from man-child status.

Bug said...

As does having a Financial Advisor and contributing to my 401k.

Then again, you like to ride your bike a lot and shoot movies of your friends' bands in your free time - so I suppose you can boil anyone's life down to manchild status.

russ said...

Wow, you got to play the one good PS3 game! I still haven't played that system...nobody I know has one. Also, that map is amazing. I know I've used it a time or two.

Bug said...

Yeah, I checked out "Resistance" as well as Motor Storm. Motor Storm was okay, not great. But then, I've never been the biggest fan of straight-ahead racing games. Gran Turismo never did anything for me. Now, Burnout and Wipeout - those are a different story.