Monday, June 18, 2007

entertaining myself

I'm home sick today. Actually, both Amanda and I are are home sick today. Saturday was our garage sale and it went really well with one small exception - we both are now suffering from too much sun exposure. I've got a helluva cold right now and Manda's home sick with a sore throat.

While sitting here at home babysitting my work inbox, Amanda asked me to update our Netflix queue, something we've been neglecting over the last 6 months or so. So, while I was poking around looking for some new movies to put on, I started rating the ones that I'd already seen.

I haven't really used Netflix all that much for anything other than just tossing movies onto my queue that I already know I want to see. So, today I thought I'd poke through the site-generated Recommendations page. Interestingly, their recommendation system seems to work pretty well. It's basically a big "if you liked this, you might like this" system and I found it was pulling up a lot of movies that I'd seen and liked in the past plus a handful of gems that look pretty good that I'd never heard of before.

As with any automated system, it has it's issues. Apparently it decided that since I said I liked Tim Burton's "Ed Wood," I must have a thing for crappy Sci-Fi and it started recommending Godzilla movies and crap like "Frankenstein Meets the Curse of the Wolfman's Mummy" (which I don't think is an actual movie, but should be).

By far, though, this was the weirdest recommendation:

Picture 2

What about "Citizen Kane" implies an appreciation for Rolling Stones concert vids?


EmoRiot said...

You know, 'cause of that Poison song:

Every Rosebud has its Jagger

russ said...

Love that song