Tuesday, January 23, 2007

see you soon!

It's Wednesday on the East Coast and that means that a fair amount of people - friends and family - are heading west for our wedding today. Can't wait to see everyone.

Manda and I are neck-deep in the final preparations for everything and doing our best to wrap up a bunch of really nice finishing details as best as we can so that everyone has a nice time.

We're tired, but really excited about the wedding. I can't wait to finally be Mister Jesse Harlin. ; )

See everyone soon!


EmoRiot said...

Goodnight Master Jesse Harlin! (while I can still call you that... you know, like I always call you that)

Seth said...

"I can't wait to finally be Mister Jesse Harlin."

Yeah, it's about time someone made an honest man of you!

russ said...

all the best!

Bug said...

Thanks, Russ!