Monday, December 05, 2005

yakity yak

Had a good time this weekend. Like I mentioned last week, I ended up heading into The City with Amanda to do some speaking on a handful of roundtable discussions at Gamespot's G.A.M.E. convention.

It was fun; they're good guys. Met a lot of nice people and got some hands-on time playing the new Zelda game. For anyone interested, it may look drastically different, but it still plays exactly like The Wind Waker. Take that for what it is.

Amanda was kind enough to snap a picture of me while I was up on stage:


Then she was kind enough to take another picture of me when we went to Staples of me as a snowman:


So, good stuff. It was a fun weekend.


EmoRiot said...

lookin' knowledgable! (i mean in the snowman picture, of course)

Bug said...

Very much so. Was it the scarf that gave it away? Or the tongue sticking out?