Tuesday, December 20, 2005

holy freakin' freholies!

Just checked the weather for Philly this coming week and was very, VERY happy to see that they're forecasting a White Christmas.

Please allow me to take a moment and make this emoticon:

c(l': D

(That's a very excited me in a snow hat, by the way.)

Anyway, I'm thrilled. I can't remember the last time I saw snow, let alone saw snow on Christmas. I'm one happy camper. : )


EmoRiot said...

I was back in philly and loved the snow on day one and two. By day 6, with temperatures into the teens, I didn't love the winter anymore.

A winter coat and gloves would have helped, though.

Bug said...

True that. I don't have a winter coat. Scarf? Yes. Gloves? Yes. but, we'll see how long my enjoyment lasts.

phobucket said...

Umm. Looking like they're expectating rain on Christmas, but you might get snow on Tuesday if you're still there.

That being said, all you have to do is drive to Yosemite to see a true winter wonderland. It's only a few hours away. Might not want to take the green wind. ;)