Tuesday, December 13, 2005

the flannel steak in the heart of crap

I was having a conversation with a long-time friend of mine today and he made mention of dinosaurs.

For some reason, that made me think of the Was Not Was tune "Walk The Dinosaur." Why that song and a higher percentage of the lyrics than I'd like to admit were waiting on deck for me to think about them, I'll never know.

But, it got me thinking about all of the bands that used to drive me crazy that have vanished. I went through high school during the Grunge Era, but I wasn't into grunge. I was into pretencious art-rock crap like Rush, Yes, ELP, and ... Yes again. Anyway, to me grunge was an obnoxious genre that marked the death knell for vocal harmony and the guitar solo. 10 years on, I've come around and changed my view on grunge. I like it a lot now, or a fair bit of it anyway.

And one of the biggest reasons is that I realized Grunge was the thing that killed the lumbering hulk of the Early-90s Pop Monster. Was Not Was, C + C Music Factory, Fine Young Cannibals, Ace of Base, Go West - all of them died a horrible dead at the hands of Kurt Cobain. And I thank him for it frequently.

So, here's to you, Was Not Was, may you rest in peace. Congrats on being the only band that seems to have fallen through the 90s Nostalgia strainer into the great Cosmic Garbage Disposal in the sky.

"Boom boom. Ackalackalacka boom. Boom boom. Ackalacka boom boom."


rooni said...

Mmm grunge... I was in middle school when it was big. Mmm. I remember it well. =)

I knew it was all over, though, when I went to the Pearl Jam concert in SF Golden Gate Park and Eddie Vedder played ~4 songs then left the stage to Neil Young ... [sigh] I've hated Neil Young ever since.

rooni said...

... and all Pearl Jam music that came out after that, too, come to think of it. =P

phobucket said...

And with good reason. Neil Young can't sing.

Anywho, I was very prog-broken for a while. TX changed that a bit. There was a weekly prog show in Fort Worth and while I didn't like all, or even most, or sometimes [I]any[/I] of the music, I have reconciled that with the fact that I like the idea of progressive music. I just see it manifested in different ways now. Pat Metheny's new album, "The Way Up" is prog in many ways, it just doesn't have the Astral Traveller type lyrics. Well, that and no one in his bands wears capes.

I can recognize that Nirvana had some good songs, but I've never been able to accept the "sucking is OK" aesthetic. That being said. I still like G Love, and he can't sing either.

I like the concept of prog, just not the music. I like some grunge music, but not the concept.