Tuesday, December 27, 2005

quick update

Xmas = cool. Manda got me an iPod. So, now I = happy.
Philly = cool. We're hanging out with my sister and family and enjoying ourselves.
Wawa = cool. It's the freakin' best.

Now we're heading out to see if after Xmas sales = cool. I'm going to look for games, books, and legos. maybe star wars figures too. Who knows.

Anyway, good times. Hope everyone out in wherever you are had a good christmahanukwanzika.

I'll post when I can and after I remember the important thing I felt like blogging about but have since forgotten.


EmoRiot said...

good to see the merriment being merrious.

phobucket said...

how long are you staying in Fyllee?


EmoRiot said...

I'll answer since he's sporadic. Until Jan. 3rd but a couple days are down in Virginia.

Bug said...

Correct. We're in Philly today, York tomorrow, and then it's down to Virginia to visit Amanda's family for New Years. Then, it's back up here on the 2nd and we're flying back on the 3rd.

phobucket said...

Well I guess that answers my next question about whether you'll be watching the dill pickle or the lebanon bologna drop on NYE.


rooni said...

Doh, I wish the iPod was a gift from just me, but as it's like one of the most expensive christmas gifts ever, I acted in league with *both* of my parents. But you got it -- I didn't think it would happen, but it did. =) w00t xmas miracles.

Bug said...

)/\(00t ><)\/(45 )\/(1r4cl35!!

Okay, that's annoying to do and doesn't look anything like "w00t xmas miracles!!" Oh well. Yeah, me and my xmas miracle are hanging out happily today in my office.