Monday, October 31, 2005

an open letter to civic planners

Dear Civil Engineers,

What in the Sweet Holy Eff is wrong with you? Is there something in your All-Purpose Civic Rulebook that states:

Rule 9.) Any government building housing Traffic Court must be one of the hardest buildings in the city at which to find parking.



- Jesse Harlin

Serieusement. I got my traffic ticket taken care of; but it was annoying to try and find parking. As was the case when I had to go to the Hall of Justice in LA. As was the case in New Jersey. As was the case in Philly.

By the way, classiest part of my trip to traffic ticketland? The people standing in line behind me who were looking through mugshot books for people they knew.

And finding them.

Classy, kids. Classy.


Anonymous said...

an open letter to oogu.

maybe if you drive better you won't have to worry about taking care of traffic tickets. sounds like you've been to traffic courts more than i've been to my STD doc...and i see him a lot.

Bug said...

Hm. Special.

But, I guess, fair enough.

Though, to clarify a bit, it's not that I have problems driving. It's that I seem to have a problem remembering to renew my registration. I've probably let it lapse more times than I've renewed it on time.

A fair bit of those times were due to being a poor, out of work composer who couldn't afford groceries, let alone car registration. Those days are gone, but I still seem to forget about it.

Oh well.

By the way, you kinda' sound like a pissed off Civil Engineer. Sorry if I offended you.

rooni said...

A pissed off civil engineer with an STD problem? I wouldn't want to meet that person in a dark alley.. =\