Thursday, October 27, 2005

canned evil

I went to get myself a soda out of my Diet Cherry Pepsi Fridge Pack today, and instead I pulled out this:


Yes, I realize you're thinking "Wow. You went to get a soda and pulled out ... a soda? Way to go, genius." But, what the picture doesn't show is that:

1. The can is severely dented.
2. The top is completely sealed. And
3. The can is completely empty.

Not a drop of soda in it. I was kinda' baffled and showed it to my friend Harrison. He decided that it must contain some kind of curse, as though I'd stumbled onto Pandora's Pepsi Can.

I have to say, I understand Pandora's dilemma. I'm dying to open this thing ever since he told me it might contain something evil.

Maybe there's a genie in it? I guess I'll never know. If I open it up, it just becomes a dented can. With it closed, it's a mystery.


EmoRiot said...

I think you found the hatch that solves the Schrodiger's Cat dilema.

Bug said...

Yeah, I wondered about that too. Although, if how I've treated Pandora's Can is the answer to the Schroediger question, here's the solution:

Q.: Put a cat in a box, put some deadly something in the box. Seal it. Is the cat dead or alive?

A.: Who cares. Set it aside and put a toy ninja ontop of it.