Monday, October 10, 2005

back in the saddle again

Vacation is over. The housewarming party is over. All were good. We got a lot of nice compliments on our apartment and on our decor which felt nice since I'd been cleaning, painting, and whatever all week long.

Some odds and ends:

1. It came to my attention this weekend that not everyone knows the word "spum" yet. Fair enough, since I invented it only a few years ago. I guess it takes longer than that for a word to work its way into the culture at large. None the less, for those who don't know, here's the def:

spum ('spuhm) n. Unwanted food or waste - typically liquid or gelatinous in form - that clings to one's clothing without their notice, putting itself at greater risk of spreading to other clothes/people/tablecloths/etc.

I just ruined my favorite pants because I didn't notice that there was some spum on my shirt sleeve.

There you go.

2. Eyezmaze has some great little time sucking games on it. My favs happen to be the GROW series. Originally, there was simply Grow. Well, I'm happy to say that there are now three different versions of Grow: Grow, Grow Cube, and Grow RPG. Good stuff; they're all very fulfilling to beat.

3. The Blogger spell check is retahded. I spell-checked my post here to find that I had typoed the word "originally" as "origially." Doesn't look all that tough to me ... but to Blogger, it was suggesting "Wriggling," "Heroically," or "Wrigley." Lame.

'Kay. Time to listen to "Rocky Raccoon" while I dig through a week's worth of piled up eMail.


EmoRiot said...

I still don't get those Grow games but I like them. The RPG one is cool... I think... if I understand it...

Bug said...

Did you beat it? I like them. They're very cool and I'm really impressed with his ability to create three very different versions based on the same Drag-And-Drop mechanism.

EmoRiot said...

No I don't know what beating it means. I feel like someone who doesn't understand pong. I mean, it doesn't look that tough but I just drop shit on until it won't let me.

Bug said...

Well, to beat it would be to get each of the levels to say "Lv. MAX." As you might imagine with the RPG one, the story unfolds further and further the more you max out the various elements.