Sunday, June 28, 2009

step one

I'm completely tired of Facebook. At first, it was just MySpace with a better code base that didn't take a million years to load each page. Not to mention it had that really smart feature whereby it asked you when you confirmed a new friend how you knew them. If you said "I don't know them" it then asked you "then why are confirming them?" or something. This simple question stopped me from friending a bunch people I didn't know.

Unfortunately, as the popularity of Facebook grew, more and more people that I didn't know - and perhaps more annoyingly - more and more people I do know started asking for friend requests. Eventually it just seemed to become one massive, unending High School reunion. I went to one reunion. I don't need an eternal one.

Anyway, I've had it with Facebook. So, Monday I'm going to dig into my friend list and start purging. If I don't know you, you're gone. If I don't feel like keeping in touch with you, adiĆ³s. If I get I down to where the only people are people I want to keep up with and I still get annoyed with Facebook, then I'll just delete my account.


RadRuss said...

I did this about a year ago, and somehow my friends list has once again grown with a lot of people that aren't really "friends." I completely agree with what you're saying.

EmoRiot said...

I still haven't signed up for facebook... or myspace... or Twitter...

I'm socially-networked dysfunctional apparently.