Monday, June 01, 2009

Monkey Island: Special Edition


After months of working on it in secret, I can finally talk about what I've been doing at work lately.

Today, LucasArts officially announces The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition!

I'm so happy I can finally say its name out loud after such a long secret wait. It feels like the "secret" of Monkey Island has really just been that it existed again after so long. Can't wait to see how the world responds.


seth said...

Arrrgh. Me thinks I just saw a bearded land lubber I know in that there About Video. A more wretched and untrustworthy bastard ye be hard-placed to find. But he writes a good pirate tune, so we lets him live! ...For now.

Bug said...

Yep. It's true. This was a really fun project.

Laserschwert said...

Hey Jesse,

I've gotta admit ever since reading the announcement of both Telltale's "Tales of Monkey Island" and the SE of "The Secret of Monkey Island" I'm in constant joy-mode.

Maybe you've heard of my site "LucasArts Soundtracks" over at, so you can imagine how THRILLED I was to hear that the game's soundtrack will get a complete re-recording... that's... just... awesome!

Now, the SE is not even out yet, and people already start speculating about an SE of MI2 as well, and to me this would be even "awesomer", not only because MI2 is my favorite adventure game, but because both the soundtracks to MI2 and MI3 are still my absolute favorite game-soundtracks. Now, MI3 was already recorded digitally - partially with real instrument -, sp I'm nearly satisfied with that one already, but MI2 still is all MIDI.

Could you see yourself re-recording MI2's soundtrack as well? With the excessive use of iMuse especially in that soundtrack I understand that this must be a massive undertaking.
I must say though, I was already really surprised to see that LucasArts went the whoole way and put that much effort into MI1, so I'm really seeing an opportunity here... even if a MI2:SE won't become reality, I think the MI-soundtracks alone have enough potential to be a success. (Just thinking about four 2-CD soundtracks to the MI-games makes me cream my pants).

Okay, I'll admit that I'm probably just part of the minority who digs the soundtracks so much, but you as someone so deeply involved with LucasArts might shed a little light on whether such releases are thought about at the company, or is that not even an option, since it's so economically pointless...?

What are your thoughts on this?

Bug said...

Hi, Laserschwert.

Nice to hear from someone from the Mojo community. : ) So while I hope you understand that I can't discuss anything that we haven't officially announced, I would love to talk about the project as officially as I can.

So, that being said, is the Captain Solo address on soundtracks.mixnmojo the best way to reach you? If so, I'll shoot you an email and we can chat about maybe doing an official interview for Mixnmojo. How's that sound? : )

Laserschwert said...

Yeah, that's my mail address... shoot me a mail!