Wednesday, June 03, 2009

a calipigeous rose by any other name ...

[Thank you Word Power Made Easy and Ms. Von Rembo's 8th grade English class for the blog title today.]

I have a friend that I worked with who told me recently about how he and his wife combined their names when they got married. Not in the most common form by hyphenating, mind you. No, they took part of his last name, glued it onto the first half of her last name, and created a new last name for themselves.

Amanda and I had briefly talked about doing that when we got married. Unfortunately, none of the combinations we came up with sounded very good.

- Yarlin
- Haste
- Haraste
- Yaslin

You get the picture.

Anyway, the other night we were lying in bed talking about it and we realized that we'd forgotten to try taking all of the letters of our names and rearranging them together into a completely new name. Unlike Yarlin, this new approach yielded some pretty spectacular results.

While we missed the boat on being Mr. and Mrs. Hyenas-Trail, Earthysnail, or Ashy-Ratline, I think we definitely should have considered Mr. and Mrs. Nearly-Has-It.

And by far and way, my favorite that I'm still considering, is Mr. and Mrs. Alstarhiney.

Jesse Alstarhiney. It has a certain ring to it. I might need new business cards ...


EmoRiot said...

the blog is back!

do they make a anagram machine online yet? Something that could pump out Jeremy's Iron, and such?

Bug said...

1. Yeah, the blog might be back. We'll see how things go. I'm not making any promises.

2. They do. Lots of them. Which would have been handy when I was trying to do it just using my stupid old brain last night.

Anyway, here's one:

EmoRiot said...

do they make a grammar check online, too?

rooni said...

You can change your name, but I'm keeping mine. I'm not done changing it from the first time around. =P

Bug said...

What if we hyphenated it? Something like:

Jesse Alstarhiney-Earthysnail