Saturday, January 03, 2009

uh .... merry happy?

Cripes, I've become really lousy at updating this thing. So, happy new year to everyone. I'm enjoying the onset of my first cold of the year. Hopefully I have fewer this year than last. Then again, I won't be killing myself to finish The Force Unleashed this year, so hopefully that means less crunch time this year than last too.

I've been getting my ultra-nerd on recently and playing D&D with a group of guys from work. I haven't really played this much since I was in my teens and I'm really enjoying it. I didn't realize back then how much the basic principles of game design come into play with D&D. Story pacing, puzzle design, the basic design of what is fun and what isn't ... It's all related to video game design. So, that's been fun.

Work's been good but I can't talk about it. I did an interview as part of an article on game composition for the New York Times. Not sure when that comes out though. Amanda and I had a really nice Christmas and shared breakfast with Ry followed by the rest of the day at Amanda's mom's place with her family.

OK. I'm tired of thumb-typing on my iPhone. Update done for now.


EmoRiot said...

New York Times? Welcome to the liberal elite America-hating paper of record. ;)

Bug said...

Woohoo! I'm a liberal elite at last!