Sunday, January 18, 2009

change we can partake in

Hanging in Philly with my family right now. Manda and I are fueled on Wawa and east coast snow. We flew into town for the inauguration, knowing that we didn't have tickets and would be hanging out with 4 million of our closest friends on the national mall. However, my brother had arrived in town a day earlier so that he could drive down to DC and pick up the two tickets he was allotted through sheer chance.

As luck would have it, they asked him how many he needed and - long story short - Amanda and I now also have tickets.

Can't wait. : ) It'll be great to witness history in the making.


Russ said...

That's pretty awesome. I'd love to be there. I don't even get to watch it - have to work.

Bug said...

That sucks. TiVo it!

tina said...

I had to dvr it because I was at work... and we were specifically reminded that morning that there streaming video is not permitted. So I went home and watched it that night.

That's so cool you actually got to be there... even if you were a sardine in a can.