Wednesday, January 14, 2009

at the risk of sounding like an old man ...

Can I complain about my ailments?

My cold that I got just after the New Year still hasn't gone away. In fact, it's gotten worse with my shotgun trip to Montreal last week. Oh, by the way, I went to Montreal last week for business.

So, my cold is still hanging around. My cough has progressed nicely to the point that I've coughed my throat raw and have no voice anymore. Plus, as of this morning, my cold has moved north and I now officially have an ear infection as well.

And and, I got a freakin' $45 parking ticket this morning for not turning my wheels towards the curb while parking in the city.

Okay, so that last one isn't really an ailment, but it's definitely a pain in the ass so I'm counting it.


EmoRiot said...

Whoah... I didn't know you could get a ticket for that. I mean, I knew it was good parking technique but a ticket? I mean if your car isn't rolling down the hill then what's the problem, officer?

Bug said...

I blame the economy. I think SF is trying to find any supplemental income they can get.

EmoRiot said...

Bastards. Can't they all just go broke with dignity like the rest of us?