Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Well, it might not be a winter wonderland covered in snow and resembling some kind of Thomas Kinkade calendar, but winter has finally come to San Francisco. And I don't just mean this year has moved into a colder phase. I mean that in all of the years I've been living in CA, this is the first year that I really feel like I've experienced anything approaching an East Coast winter. This morning, for instance, I'm blogging while I wait for my windshield to defrost.


I haven't had a need for an ice scraper in years. Next up, snow!


EmoRiot said...

Now that our heater is fixed, I can partake in your happiness.

But on Tuesday lisa was wearing Ski pants inside our apartment.

LRS said...

Hi Jesse! I got your call Monday, and was so happy to hear your voice. I'd been thinking a lot about you and Ry and other, even longer-lost friends lately. I found you here, and I'll call you soon soon soon - life has been crazy these last several weeks (well, several years, but who's counting). And here I thought that I was well nigh un-Googleable!

Meanwhile I leave you this:

Cheese yes, delicious cheese, and I hope that when we're ninety we can happily say we're still friends.

love you

Bug said...

Awesome. :) Looking forward to it.