Thursday, July 26, 2007

the thin line between expanding your mind and becoming a total cook kook

Today is the 4th day in a row that I'm staying at work until the wee hours of the morning crunching towards the finish line for me on Thrillville: Off The Rails. I've been listening to the new PARK Radio tracks for hours upon hours, looking for the digital audio version of needles in haystacks: pops, clicks, corruptions from Pro Tools bounce errors, FTP transfer corruption, volume balancing snafus, etc.

Anyway, after listening to the same radio shows in 5 different languages for 4 days straight, I'm starting to go a bit nuts. Rather than stare off into space or watch waveforms scroll past me in Peak for days on end, I've been reading stories online a bunch while I listen to material.

Tonight's online journey began by digging around on Google Earth and typing in the name of world-wide monuments into the address bar. My favorite was the Statue of Liberty who is shot from above (duh, it's a satellite) but whose shadow casts the iconic image we're all used to of Lady Liberty. I also checked out the Great Wall of China, Mount Everest, Stonehenge, and Zero.

After that, though, I dug into Wikipedia and somehow got to a page listing all of the conspiracy theories detailed on Wikipedia. At the moment, I'm reading all about The Philadelphia Experiment, time travel, and the use of anti-gravity technology by alien spacecrafts.

Hopefully I won't find myself sitting here with a tin-foil hat by the end of the night.


rooni said...

Those were all fascinating links. I especially loved 0,0.

In return, I give you the Wikipedia article on Unusual deaths, which I was reading at David's desk the other day. WOW, this page is a serious time drain.

Bug said...

Holy crap, babe. I spent forever reading that unsual death list and lots of pages off of it.

I also found this on Google Earth. Like the Statue of Liberty, the Hollywood Sign is still readable even from a satellite view.

EmoRiot said...

I kept thinking the title referred to becoming a total chef. I was confused.

Bug said...

You're right. It should be fixed now.

Russ said...

I also sometimes read about conspiracy theories when I'm bored at work. There are some crazies out personal favorite being the Flat Earth people.

Bug said...

Holy crap. The Flat Earth people are nuts. The "gigantic wall of ice that surrounds the perimeter of the world" was my favorite part. Although, one of my new favorites is now the "reptilian shape shifters have taken over the heads of state for all manner of countries and are running the world" people. That's a special brand of crazy.