Monday, July 23, 2007

I'm feeling like Mike Rowe

'Cuz today I'm doing little else than cleaning up everybody else's shit.

Developing a game that's going to be released world wide in at least 5 different languages makes you reliant upon a few things. You end up particularly being reliant upon translators and the level of anal-retentiveness held by audio engineers in foreign studios. If I don't speak the language (which I don't), then I can't know whether or not a German line of dialogue has been delivered correctly. The only thing I have to go off of is the hope that the correct German file has been named the exact same thing as the English file.

Today I've been dealing with a gigantic clusterfuck that came from at least 5 completely unrelated problems that have derailed all of the languages for a game. One language was hosed by a careless mistake in a French recording studio. Another was hosed by a slow production team in Spain. Another language was botched up by careless transcription errors on the English side of things. German and Italian have both been struggling from a mixture of errors plaguing all of the other languages.

None of it is anything that I've had to deal with before. Somehow on this game I went from Music Supervisor to Audio Lead in the span of about 2 weeks. Lucky for me, I'm now serving as Audio Lead on this game while simultaneously being Music Supervisor still for everything else I'm working on.

I'm not having a very good week so far.



EmoRiot said...

In order to help you out, I'll voluntarily take over as music supervisor... you know, to take that off you plate. Can you send over some standard 'rich and famous' contracts for me to fill out. I just found an electronic duo that would work perfectly for anything your company will be releasing in the future...

Come to think of it, I could upate all your back catalogue, too. Again, just to take some off your plate.

Bug said...

Wow. That does sound helpful. : /

By the way, the word verification thing reads "DJ Jekida." Not a bad DJ name. I've certainly heard worse.