Thursday, April 05, 2007

like looking in a mirror

I'm so glad that this thing is finally on YouTube. Game Design has become a hot little topic when it comes to collegiate level trade schools. All kinds of schools at all levels of the academic strata from small AA programs to BAs at universities like USC are now starting to offer programs where they teach people how to make, program, and design games. As such, many of them are now starting to advertise during daytime TV just like the old "Earn your diploma from home" commercials did in the '90s.

Anyway, this has got to be, hands down, the absolute worst commercial that's ever been made for a Game Design program. Yes, there's the one for Westwood College where the two guys are chastised by their boss and look like idiots. But I think this one from Collins College is even worse.

Absolutely nothing of what they're saying makes any sense. I especially destest that part where they say "Let's make sure the sound we used in the last level fits here, too." Sitting between them on a little end table is a 16 channel mixing board. Doofus A then reaches over and touches his finger to one of the EQ knobs and a terrible "space laser" effect plays out of the TV. I don't know what they think they're selling, but it sure as hell isn't game design.


EmoRiot said...

I like this one from SNL. It's a similar idea.

By the way, the verification word on this post is "jugathon"... nice.

russ said...

well once it hits mainstream, there's going to be places that do it badly, just like there are bad music schools and bad business schools...although i may look into this program if they've found a way to make games by sitting in a chair with a controller.

Anonymous said...

haha i love these commercials. whattup Jesse!!! I been reading ur blogs but had to comment on this one since I teach animation at one of these schools! (platt college in San Diego)-otto

Anonymous said...

yo check out one of my student's final projects. he took the audio from a real tv commercial for our school. it's so bad i love it.


Bug said...

Holy crap, man ... that's a special little movie right there. : )