Monday, April 09, 2007

diagnosis: awesome

As I was walking down into the BART Embarcadarro station tonight, I passed a woman soliciting for spare change. Here was her pitch:

"Spare some change so that my daughter can get a diameter?"

Today was a good day for train crazies. There was also the 20-something woman this morning who told me she'd been "on the street since the '30s" and wondered if I could tell her how much a soda cost. I told her I didn't know. I wasn't sure which decade's price she was looking for.

Then there was the 50-something stoner duo who sat on opposite sides of the train and talked VERY loudly about how 1.) they both had to pee, and 2.) how easy it would for an evil chemist to let some kind of super-virus loose on a train without anyone ever finding out until it was too late.

Mostly, though, they just reminisced about peeing into Ziplock bags on long Greyhound bus rides.

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rooni said...

a diameter? wow.