Wednesday, April 25, 2007

everything sucks too much to complain about it all

Blogs are little more than a world stage for personal bitchfests. Still, there are so many things that I've been wanting to write about recently that I find I'm not motivated to sit down and write about any of them.

There was the ridiculous jump to conclusions in the wake of the Virginia Tech shootings that video games were to blame for the actions of a seriously disturbed young man. Just like other people decided that it clearly had to do with foreigners, Muslims, and liberals.

There's the Alberto Gonzales testimony which I listened to last week that left the entire world (minus ... you know, one guy) convinced that Alberto should resign. Plus there's the Wolfowitz crap, the Tillman/Lynch crap, and the fact that there's nothing on about the crap going on in Darfur but there is a "news story" about a video of a cat playing the piano on YouTube.

I'm slammed at work. I'm too busy again and now that I have a car, now I'm staying late and working too much again.

Everything's just sorta ... crappy. Everywhere. But it's all so freakin' important, and it isn't going to get any less important/less busy/less quiet the closer it gets to next year's presidential election.


EmoRiot said...

So I've got a new google/blogger account and I can finally post to say: Your blog is blocked in China! You just lost 1.2 billion people from your potential target audience.

Bug said...

I'm blocked in China?!

Is it all of Blogger that's blocked in China? Or just ...


EmoRiot said...

Probably all of blogger since Duncan mentioned his vlog was blocked there, too.