Wednesday, December 20, 2006

sucker for the season

Never one to pass up an opportunity to create some new sort of online avatar for myself, has one that's a flash holiday greeting dumping ground. Apparently people's greetings are all just making the scrolling world of mix-mas grow and grow and grow.

Anyway, you can find me and my message here. Just look for this guy:


He's northwest of naked Hitler.


EmoRiot said...

I made one for Lisa and I. I'm here:

and Lisa, representing the Techno Squirrels is here:

We're one screen away from each other so if you click left from her or right from me you can switch from one to the other.

Bug said...

Yeah, I'm a fan of "Hoo Hoo Hol." Silly Lisa ... It's almost as funny as Rolf the Dog (the Bear).

EmoRiot said...

It was Fozzy the Bear the Dog. She said "you know that dog from the muppets?" and we said "Rolf? The piano player." Lisa: "No the other one. The one that tells jokes." Us: "You mean Fozzy THE BEAR?!" Lisa: "YEAH!! That one!" - not realizing our stressing of "The Bear" in fozzy's name. And hence, Fozzy the Bear the Dog was born.

Bug said...

Right. Ah, memories ... :)