Friday, January 06, 2006

so munny and they don't even know it

I'm a happy little camper today. Last night, I discovered Munny.

A bit of background before I get to what Munny is: I love action figures - grew up with them, still buy them from time to time. I was telling Amanda the other night that action figures have this special kind of magic for me by which they turn fictional characters into something tangible. There's a special tactile transformation that occurs for me when I can touch the vinyl surface of something that captured my imagination on the Big Screen, the pages of a comic book, or a novel.

So "I dig action figures" is my point. The next logical step to me was to always want an action figure of myself. When I was in college - and I wish I could remember the origins behind why - I created two custom Jesse Harlin action figures out of customized and repainted Star Wars figures. They were funny enough. I had fun customizing them. Good times. Apparently those action figures were taken around by my friends while I was over in England and I was able to still hang out with them in some small capacity.

Anyway, enter Munny. Munny is a vinyl toy whose entire purpose is customization. Munny (like other custom toys such as Dunny, Stikfas, and Qeester) was designed with the notion that its blank features would have endless possibilities for customization and redesign. I'm totally enthralled.

Just to give you a sense of what a blank Munny looks like, check out this pic. Now, to see some cool customizations, take a look here. By the way, for Shepard Fairey fans, there's a Dunny here that he customized with his signature OBEY iconography. Just scroll down most of the way to the bottom to Dunny No. 41.

Very creative stuff. I'm picking one up on the way home from work and I'm gonna start designing Munny Harlin. Sometimes it shocks me just exactly how many new ways I can find to be a nerd.


ceymick said...

One of those action figures was created when you were unable to make a trip to NYC for something that me, your bro, and whoever else, were going for. So you made New York Jesse. We took pictures of New York Jesse hanging out in various places from Ghostbusters.

Then New York Jesse came to Italy with me for two weeks.

Today, still wanted by the government, New York Jesse resides in Washington, D.C., somewhere amidst the crap in my apartment. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find him, maybe you can hire...New York Jesse.

EmoRiot said...

ceymick beat me to explaing NY Jesse.

good times.

Bug said...

Sweet. The other one was Hawaiian Fun Jesse.

Good times, indeed.

By the way, welcome back from the death, Ceymick. Haven't heard from you in a long while. Happy New Year and all.

Bug said...

The death? I meant "the dead."

ceymick said...

Arisen, I have. Actually, just been storing up any internet-related creativity/comments for my TV columns.

Bug said...

I see, you're a hoarder.