Thursday, January 05, 2006

ho-ho-hone your puzzle skillz

Attention GROW fans, there's a small new GROW available for Christmas.

"But, it's already January 5th, Asshat," I hear you say.

Well, I didn't find it until today.

Cripes. You're so unappreciative.


EmoRiot said...

i will never understand that game

Bug said...

What? What isn't there to understand?

By the way, I've been waiting for the auto-generated word verification thing to create something looking like a real word and it finally did.

Unfortunately, it created the very creepy single-word command "Repox."

I'd imagine that's the last thing you want to be told if you just got over some kind of pox.

EmoRiot said...

Yeah, I know what you mean. My verification word today is xmbcuez, which is the last thing a sirius exec would want for his/her bcuez...