Tuesday, May 17, 2005

quit breaking my heart, tv ...

One of the weirdest side effects of Reality TV is how much it makes America care about people we otherwise would never have known, empathized with, or sympathized about.

We watch couple after couple after intern after family strut their own private versions of the American Dream across the small screen. We watch desperate people with desolate lives forced to compete for millions of dollars.

As with everything, TV's job is to get us emotionally involved and with Reality television, this means picking favorites. Reality TV has taught me, though, favorites don't win.

Boston Rob, Rupert, Rob and Amber, Steph, Kris and Jon, Amy, Kevin, Angie ...

These are all the names of losers. Spunky? Sure! Needy? Some of them. Charasmatic, interesting, entertaining ... and all losers that I wanted to win one show or another at one time or another.

So, now I'm sitting here watching the finale of America's Next Top Model and I find myself almost afraid to watch the end. Kahlen should win, in my opinion. Will she? It's doubtful.

I want her to. That usually means she won't.

Then again, she could be another Zora.


ceymick said...

Dude, America's Next Top Model? Really? I'm a reality TV whore, so I can appreciate folks being into their reality TV. And I know tons of chicks who dig the Top Model show. But they're chicks.


Bug said...

Yeah, I know. I fought it for a while. Amanda's into it and I didn't see the appeal of watching vapid models duking it out and struggling with tough tasks like "posing" and "walking."

And yet, it's oddly compelling. The problem with me and reality tv is that I get hooked really fast on it. If I don't want to watch a show, I'd better not ever see a single episode. Otherwise I get hooked in and become curious to see the outcome. That's how come I came to watch all of Joe Millionaire 1 and 2, and that's how I ended up watching America's Next Top Model.

Just ask Ry. He watched it, too. There was just something about it.

Oh, and again, the chick I wanted to win lost. Kahlen loses. Naima wins.

TV lets me down again.

Bug said...

Kendra won The Apprentice, so you know. There's that. But, she was my second choice, anyway. Originally, I thought that Angie should have won. But apparently she "choked" and that's some sort of forbidden action in the Trump Organization. Oh well.