Friday, May 20, 2005

a-hunting we will go ...

So, this weekend Amanda and I are hunting for apartments in the great wide wilderness known as The Penninsula. Right now, our sights are kinda' set on a town called Foster City. As far as I can tell, here's how it breaks down:

- pretty area
- equidistant from our work places
- close to public transportation
- lots of places allow you to paint your walls

- pricey
- half-hour or more from either of our work places
- built on landfill (so if there's a big quake, we slide off into The Bay)

Amanda was rad enough to set up appointments with places for this weekend, so now we have an itinerary as opposed to two days of aimless wandering. We've also been checking each of the places we find against their respective reviews on The first place we fell in love with turns out to be a 24-hour noise-athon with crappy parking and dickhead management. Go Glad we found out before we rented there.

I'll give a report on the hunting expedition on Monday. Have a good weekend 'til then, guys.


Anonymous said...

If you like a quiet suburban town you will like Foster City. It has many perks and is very quiet.

Be cognizant of the flight path.

Try lunch at Pasta Grotto, try the Rosti.

EmoRiot said...

This flight path worry is something I had no idea about on the pennisula. It seems most of the middle section is in danger of top-gun style fly-bys at all hours of the night.

Bug said...

Well, as to the flight path, it seems like the further east you go in Foster City, the closer you get to it. We say a number of very large planes fly overhead, but they were very quiet. The theory was that it's because we're south of the airport and the planes are braking rather than revvin their jets to take off.

Oh, and thanks for the restaurant tip, Anonymous. We ate at Pasta Grotto last night and it was great. A really nice little italian restaurant with a super-friendly staff and a great menu. The couple next to us seemed to be good friends with the waiter and the manager and had brought along another couple just to intoduce them to the staff and the food. I like places like that.

rooni said...

Mmm, Pasta Grotto. That *was* good food. Good caesar, good cheesy garlic bread, good service. Thanks, Anonymous!

As for flight path noise -- for me, almost anything would be quiet after living where I live -- in the flight path for Moffett Field. Doh.