Tuesday, May 17, 2005

fun with autofill

I've started to notice that I find myself thinking of websites I frequent as having nicknames. I realized the other day that it comes from IE's autofill ability to decide what page I'm trying to go to in my browser's history.

Sometimes it makes sense. mail is all I need in order to get me to my yahoo account, while gmail gets me my Gmail (doi).

But then there are others that don't really mean anything. They just seem to be names for websites.
theforce.net is Thef.
kingdomofloathing.com is King.
timesucker.blogspot.com is Tim.

Inevitablly, though, someone will send me a link to something stupid like timisaretard.org and I suddenly have my nicknames all screwed up.

There's something extremely annoying about having to type the extra ".y" to get to mail.yahoo.com if "mail" brings up something else in the location bar.

I hates it, i tells ya. I hates it. And I hate Tim. He's a retard.


EmoRiot said...

You know if you're using a Mozilla browser, like Firefox on the PC, you can set up one letter shortcuts for any site you have bookmarked. So timesucker would mean typing "T" or whatever other letter you want to use.

In fact, you can really assign not just one letter but any nickname. So turdhall could be visited by typing "wha"

ceymick said...

I'm going to set up Chapel Poo, which shall become Turd Hall's bitter archrival. And it's browser nickname shall be "poo."

Bug said...

Awesome. That reminds me of the Church of Tex Freud.

What a great religion ...

Why didn't we all decided to become Master Freuds of the Church of Tex?

ceymick said...

I thought we were Master Freuds? I've been claiming that shit on my tax refunds, man...

Bug said...

Oh, well don't let me stop you.

It's fine with me if we're all Master Freuds. Gives me something to fall back on if this music thing doesn't work out.

non racist sister said...

you know that saying "tim is a retard" is very wrong and might hurt someone very deeply if they saw that....
it is a racist comment jess.....yyou might want to rethink that statement!!1
haha im just kidding

nice blog ...although i wish i had some idea of what u meant by half the stuff you say