Wednesday, December 10, 2008

i'm at it again

There I go again ... not updating my blog for weeks at a time.

I've been busy. Very busy. Unfortunately, it's nothing I can talk about yet. Still, I'm having fun and working at a pretty brisk pace these days.

Other than work, yesterday was Ry's birthday. He's 31 and officially in his 30s now. I wanted to take him out for meatball sandwiches for lunch to this place in SF that he told me has the best meatball sandwiches in the city.

Unfortunately, there was absolutely nowhere to park. At one point I turned onto a street looking for parking and was immediately getting honked at like crazy by the cab behind me. "What the fuck?! Why is this guy such a jerk? I'm going, jerk! Relax!" we yelled at him from within my car. Of course, it was about 30 seconds later that we realized I'd turned the wrong way down a one-way street and the jerk-cab was actually trying to be nice-cab by alerting me to my stupidity.

Didn't work.

Anyway, Ry eventually got out of the car, ran into the pizza place, and picked up the sandwiches while I drove around outside. He's right; the sandwich is very good. Best meatball sandwich I've had in a while. Of course, it wasn't until I'd dropped him off back at home and was halfway to work before it dawned on me that I hadn't treated him to lunch. He'd treated me to lunch since I was driving around outside. So much for my birthday plan.

Oh well. We had an adventure. And really, that's all it really comes down to ... stories to tell your grandchildren.

Old Man Ry: Gather 'round, children. Did I ever tell you about the time your grand-uncle stiffed me a birthday sandwich?

So. Happy Birthday, Ry. :)


EmoRiot said...

It was the winter of aught-8 and world-high comander Bush was still just President. This is back before he built a moat around the White House, refused to leave, and re-positioned all our nukes on San Francisco. Anyway, where was I... oh yes, the one way street. See back in those days we drove in cars on the earth's surface. It was a dreadfully slow way to get anywhere and you couldn't cross water with them. Heh heh, I know, I know. It's crazy, right? Well that's because you're imagining the world back then like it is now. Back then we still had 25% of the surface as land, not 3% like it is today.

Well it was a simpler time and we liked it that way. So anyway, where was I? Oh yes, the one way street! So Jesse takes the stearing wheel - which was kinda like our modern navisticks but you controlled them with your arms not your mind. And he turned onto this street... now, mind you, cars in those days didn't drive for you so he could do this... where was I? Oh yes!...

(don't worry about the sandwich) :)

Bug said...

"Sir ... ... sir .... .... paper or- ... ... ... paper or plastic, sir? ..."