Wednesday, August 27, 2008

happy birthday, babe!

For those who don't know, today is Amanda's 28th birthday. So, besides all of the "Happy Birthday" singing that I've done, the presents I gave her this morning at midnight, and our day in Santa Cruz on Sunday, I thought I'd celebrate her birthday here in my blog with a list of 28 different characters from Strawberry Shortcake, a cartoon favorite of hers when she was young.

Happy birthday, babe! I love you. : )

1. Apple Dumplin'
2. Peppermint Fizz
3. Huckleberry Hash
4. Seaberry Delight
5. Apple Ducklin'
6. Honey Pie Pony
7. Cheesecake Mouse
8. Tea Blossom
9. Crepes Suzette
10. Eclair Poodle
11. Frosty Puff
12. Banana Bongo Monkey
13. Coco Nutwork
14. Tangerina Torta
15. Sourball Skunk
16. The Berry Fairies
17. Cherry Cuddler
18. Plum Puddin'
19. Watermelon Kiss
20. Annie Oatmeal
21. Chocolate Chipmunk
22. Shoofly Frog
23. Triple Ripple Toucan
24. Kiwi Sea Turtle
25. Sugar Woofer English Sheepdog
26. Mr. Sun
27. Vanilla Icing Lamb

and what might be my favorite:

28. Baby Needs-A-Name


rooni said...

Bug!! That is SO cute! Tippit, my love. =) Thank you for my birthday weekend and my presents. You're the best!!!

Bug said...

I have to say, I'm thinking about legally changing my name to Coco Nutwork. What do you think? Wanna be Mrs. Nutwork?