Monday, August 04, 2008

9/10 is a great start

A really fantastic review of Mark Griskey's score for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed went up online this weekend on Here are my two favorite quotes:

“Start to finish, THE FORCE UNLEASHED is the most entertaining Star Wars score since RETURN OF THE JEDI.”


"It is a delight to say that THE FORCE UNLEASHED brings me much closer to the original passion I had for the music of Star Wars, when I was a youngster. After all, back then, there were no videos to download or rent or buy. The only way to experience the magic of the film repeatedly was via its soundtrack. That's in part what made John Williams' music so special. The listener could relive the movie without any visual stimulus. The music of the prequel trilogy was far less successful at that, but now MARK GRISKEY's score helps to return some of the passion that leaked out of the Star Wars franchise's hyperdrive."

Love it. Way to go, Mark.


Russ said...

I love how he misspelled your name in big capital letters!
Great review...I can't wait to give the score a listen myself.

Bug said...

Hah! I didn't even notice. :)