Monday, April 28, 2008

un poco loco

For a long time, we've been having a Taco Truck show up here every Thursday night to help ease the pain of a long crunch period being endured by one of our teams at work. One of the guys in the Audio Department is in love with the Taco Truck. I don't mean that he's happy that it exists. I mean he has deep-seated romantic feelings for that truck. If a man could kiss a Taco Truck and not be scorned in society for doing so, he'd be making out with that truck every Thursday. I think it's some odd Freudian thing where it shows up, feeds him, takes care of him, and doesn't ask anything in return.

Unfortunately for this guy, though, last Thursday was the last Thursday for the Taco Truck as the crunch period has hopefully come to an end. About 10 hours without the Taco Truck went by before he started emailing me haikus:

oh the taco truck
such tasty quesedillas
you're already missed

Poor guy. Luckily for him, I heard on NPR this morning that some dude is mapping taco trucks across the country at I don't know the name of the wondrous truck that visits us; but if I can find it out, I'll make sure it's on the YumTacos map. Hopefully that will stop the haikus.

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EmoRiot said...

haikus express love
get that up on yumtacos
where is my truck at?