Friday, April 18, 2008

how do you back out?

And I don't mean backing out like this. I mean backing out of a gig. Have you ever been a freelancer who took on one too many projects? Have you been a professional musician who got himself into a gig that he then wasn't available for? How do you back out of it? Can you? Is it possible to back out of a gig without having it ding your professional reputation?

I have a friend going through this right now and he's not sure what to do. Thought I'd see if anyone I know had any advice.

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EmoRiot said...

You can back out of most things. What's the contract say? Most contracts have a cancellation clause for both parties. And if there's no contract, it's even more fine. Give enough notice so their not screwed and recommend a competent friend. There's not professional reputation at risk. In fact, the bigger risk is doing a bad job 'cause you're swamped.