Saturday, April 19, 2008

if the eyes are the window to the soul ...

Then today I saw a woman with the fugliest curtains ever. We were at the grocery store today picking up some stuff for a nice and leisurely breakfast picnic. When we went to check out, one of the cashiers had such freakishly fake eyebrows that I had to call Amanda over just to gawk at her with me.

I'm not really one who understands the whole concept of shaving or plucking your eyebrows completely off and then drawing them back on; but I would imagine that if you do this kind of thing, the reason you're doing it is because your brows are really bushy or something and you want them to be thin and cute or whatever.

But, unholy hell ... this lady ... she didn't have a minor eyebrow redo, she had clown makeup on. It was like she's been doing it for so long that she's completely forgotten what normal eyebrows look like. I've tried my best to recreate it with some photoshoppery:


Honestly ... what the eff are those things? They look like supervillian eyebrows or some kind of quasi-Nike swoosh. There are very few times that I see personal stylists or shoppers as a respectable career. But, somewhere out there there's a personal stylist who can win some kind of humanitarian award for turning this lady's grooming habits around. Either that or she needs to just be electricuted one rainy night, embued with super lightning powers, and start running around in lyrca causing mayhem already.


EmoRiot said...

No... you just haven't caught the trend yet. I'm sportin' those bad boys too, now.

Bug said...

You liar. Why are you always lying, liar?