Thursday, March 20, 2008

the hoil virus spreads

That's right. More random love for Vaz Hoil, the legendary hair metal band that I've been doing nothing with for over a decade.

For those who don't know, Vaz Hoil is a joke band that my brother and I started with two friends back in 1995. We wrote an albums worth of songs, got them pressed onto cassette tape, and then everyone went off to college.

While off at college desperately trying to pursue a career in music by working hard with bands, networking, and tossing demos around that no one would listen to, the Vaz Hoil tape started to spread around the country at first via the band's drummer, Jeff Alulis (aka Tommy Rockum, aka Jeff Penalty). Quickly it apparently grew beyong Jeff's efforts and began to spread via copies of the tape and word of mouth. Now bands like The Bouncing Souls and The Donnas count themselves as Hoiled Bratz.

Anyway, still spreading in its unexplainable spread into new hands, new mediums, and new opportunities to thrill and offend, Hoil has popped up as part of the soundtrack of the new "Time Trotters" featurette on Apparently ex-GameSpot producer Rich Gallup and creators Ryan Davis and Jeff Gerstmann all have wild thighz.


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nice... we're like a much less successful but equally persistent "Dark Side of the Moon."