Monday, March 10, 2008

beats the hell out of a textbook has a lot of - not surprisingly - funny stuff on it. If you don't know the site, it was set up by Will Ferrell and some other people and gave the world "The Landlord," a heart-warming story of a man and his ... well ... landlord.

Anyway, amongst the gems I've found on FunnyOrDie is a lovely little series of educational history movies called Drunk History. The basic premise of Drunk History is to 1.) find someone who is an authority on a particular area of history, 2.) get them very drunk, 3.) get them to discuss their specific area of expertise, and then 3.) recreate their drunken ramblings with the likes of Jack Black and Michael Cera (the awkward dude from "Superbad" and "Arrested Development").

Worth a watch.

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