Tuesday, March 04, 2008

5 years

Yesterday was my five year anniversary at LucasArts. In those five years, I've worked on 23 different games (in one capacity or another), invented a language for bounty hunters, achieved my teenage dream of rock stardom, achieved my 20-something dream of being a paid author, and have business cards that I didn't have to make for myself that proclaim me as a composer.

In those five years, I've seen 2 different company presidents, 3 different temporary acting presidents, had two different direct managers, became a manager myself, and still have never met or spoken to either George Lucas or John Williams (nor did I - or do I - ever expect to).

In those five years, I've made friends with people in Sweden, Germany, Ohio, Kentucky, Florida, Illinois, Nevada, Washington, Colorado, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Austin, Texas. I've visited Canada and two different Hawaiian islands on vacation and I've been threatened with business flights to Australia and England, though I never went to either.

In those five years, I've never sat down and watched any of the Star Wars films in its entirety.

In those five years, I've been nominated for 4 industry awards, won 1 of them, written 22 articles, released 1 soundtrack online as mp3s, almost released a second soundtrack, and wrote a half hour of music for a failed gig that almost made me give up composing all together.

In those five years, I've made and said goodbye to more friends than I can count, discovered that - contrary to life long pre-conceived notions - I'm actually a cat person, and married my best friend.

It's been a very busy 5 years that I wouldn't trade for anything.

Here's to the next 5.


rooni said...

I love you, my best friend! It has been a great 5 years, indeed, and I really loved this post.

One correction, though -- you've seen SW Ep III like a hundred times in every stage of production, as well as the finished work in the theater, with me. =)

Maybe you're just secretly/sub-consciously one of those people who doesn't accept Eps I-III as actual SW films. ;)

Bug said...

heh ... don't tell work that. ; )

You're right. I totally forgot about Ep3.