Thursday, February 21, 2008

maybe in the future

Of all of the things I wish for from the future - be it flying cars, chocolate cake vitamens, or shiny jumpsuits that blind us to our dystopian surroundings - perhaps the one that I think about the most is the ability to take snapshots merely with our own eyesight (or memories) and then download them to external media. I would do this all the freakin' time if I could.

Just yesterday I was driving into work while it was raining. Something about the angle of the sun, the position of the car in from of me, and my position to the two of them made it so that as it drove on the rain-slicked exit ramp in front of me, it was kicking up a chain of rainbows off of the mist from it's rear tires.

It was beautiful. And nothing I'd ever seen before. And nothing I ever expect to see again.

That is until Sony manages to install USB 4.0 into my brain and I can just download my brain directly to Flickr.


Chelsea said...

They're already doing something very similar to this. I was sitting on a plane next to the CEO of the centers that process all the prints for flikr, snapfish, kodak, etc and he was telling me about a camera small enough to sit in your glasses that can sense when your brain is happy and take a picture. So I know there are researchers looking into this now! So cool.

EmoRiot said...

I look forward to seeing the funny false positives when the camera "thinks" you're happy but it's misreading you.

rooni said...

That should give us a whole host of new things to blog about! And I'm looking forward to it...because I need things to blog about. =)