Monday, May 21, 2007

just what the doctor would have ordered

if I'd actually spoken to one. This weekend was awesome. No work, tons of sleep, relaxation, lots of time with Amanda ... it was perfect.

Oddly the down point of the weekend was the Bjork concert we went to Saturday night. It was dull. "Bjoring" one could say, if one were so inclinded and ... so lame as to actually say something like "bjoring." Anyway, pretty boring show. She managed to not play any songs of hers that I like and did play my all-time least favorite Bjork song ever ("Pluto" off of Homogenic. I can't stand the screaming section).

The rest of the weekend rocked, though. Manda and I did some cleaning, we printed our wedding "thank you" cards finally, we played some video games together. I'm now all caught up on Survivor (thank you, TiVo).

I came into work today feeling rested, relaxed, rejuvenated, and probably a few other positive words that start with "r." So bring on the late nights, work. Bring on the working weekends again. I'm ready for you now ...

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