Saturday, May 12, 2007


Things are busy. Hecka busy. I counted last night. In my role as Music Supervisor (did I ever mention my title change? I'm now Composer/Music Supervisor officially), I'm working in one capacity or another right now on 13 different projects.


That's nuts. I've been spending a lot of time in the recording studio lately. I've been writing gobs of emails. I've been deluged by phone calls. We're still short staffed at in the Audio Department, though we are slowly staffing up. We've got a new sound designer on board right now who's great, a guy named Brian Tibbits. He's been a huge help towards alleviating some of our massive staffing headaches, but we still need to do more.

I have milestones popping up every other week or so due to overlapping projects, so I'm working all weekend and there's no let up in sight for the next little while.

Anyone want a job?

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