Monday, May 28, 2007

finally! a house we can afford ...

If only it were for sale.

Its craigslist ad would probably read something like this:

CHARMING turret in desirable San Mateo hills! - $450,000

This adorable 1-bedroom turret in San Mateo is loaded with charm. Centrally located on a spacious lot, this one-of-a-kind find features:

- Old World charm
- Adjacent w/d hook-ups
- Close to shopping, freeways, transportation
- Plenty of available on-street parking
- Recently updated security lumber



Seth said...

Dude, you should put an offer in anyway. Who wouldn't want to live in a turret? That's one step towards your very own castle, it is.

EmoRiot said...

I second Seth.

You can tell that you guys are reading Craigslist a lot. The only thing you missed, at least based on our frequent reading of it is the tendency to attach a property or apt to the nearest desirable location, regardless of how far it is from there. We see so many Nob Hill apartments that go through Tenderloin, Downtown/Van Ness, Polk Gulch, etc. So your turret should probably be located in "Trendy Burlingame" or "Palo Alto" or something like that... then when you google map it you can go "WTF? This isn't Burlingame. This is San Mateo..."

Bug said...

Yeah, you're right. When I was writing it, I actually considered trying to jump on Google and figure out exactly what neighborhood this thing is in. Then I realized that it probably wouldn't have mattered to anyone.

Of course, thanks to your comment, I know know I was wrong.