Saturday, February 10, 2007

we're back!

That's right. We're back from the snowy Canadian wilderness. And by wilderness, I mean downtown Montréal.

We took a bajillion photos while we were there and wrote up some pretty detail notes on what we did each day so that we wouldn't forget. Over the next week or so, I'll be putting up our notes and posting pictures for everyone to see.

In short, we had a fantastic time. To everyone who thought we were nuts to head into Canada in the middle of winter, we couldn't possible have hoped for a more perfect honeymoon. So much snow. So much beautiful scenery. The Mrs. and I totally recommend heading to Québec in the winter.

As for today and tomorrow, we're just looking to settle back into normal, non-wedding life. Like I said, specific honeymoon info will be coming as of Monday.


EmoRiot said...

What are you going to do with all the time you now have in your schedule? I'd say start planning the 1-year-anniversary party... there's only 350 days left!!!!

Bug said...

Yeah, Amanda made some joke Friday night about throwing some kind of Welcome Home party or Valentine's Day party or something, I don't remember exactly.

All I do remember was the brief pang of panic that instantly set in.

I think we'll pass on the 1st Anniversary Party, even though Kody would appreciate it. She told me during the wedding that she wants us to get married again each year at the same time. She apparently really enjoyed missing her mid-terms.