Tuesday, February 27, 2007

eye. yam. tie. yard.

All roads lead to San Francisco. That's the reality that I'm learning. So many people that I know are falling in love with this place and moving here. Which is great because it means that people I know are here now. The bad thing is that everyone needs housing and there isn't any affordable housing here. Or apparently hosing, like I first typoed.

Ry and Lisa have been up here this weekend+ and it's been nice to have them around. One thing we learned while they were here is that not everyone yet knows about Leeroy Jenkins. Have a look, have a laugh. It's good stuff.

I swear, this might be the most disjointed blog post I've posted yet. Way to go, me.

Just to continue the trend, here's a link to all of the O RLY? owls. My job here is done.


Seth said...

Yeah, I knew nothing of Mr. Jenkins, but I now want to make that my battle cry, whenever I happen to need a battle cry. Good stuff.

russ said...

I was going to leave a post saying "Who doesn't know about Leeroy Jenkins?" but then I realized that if you don't (or didn't, in my case) play WoW then you wouldn't have a clue what that meant.