Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Yeah ... problems with the Nintendo Wii. It turns out that flailing your arms around like a crazy person in front of your TV might not be the best idea ever.

Want more proof? Try here, here, and here.


EmoRiot said...

There's a new trend in counter-marketing where companies, like say Sony, will post negative user experiences and you tube videos of people breaking products put out by their competition.

Not to say that the Wii doesn't have a flimsy cable, but I've seen my share of videos of people complaining about how crappy their Samsung phone is only to later find out that it's put out there by Motorola.

The same might apply to some of these. Might.

Bug said...

It's possible. ::shrug::

rooni said...

There are now a bunch of whiners saying that the Wii is too much exercise...

The Wii is destroying multi-thousand dollar TVs (effectively reducing the number of couch-potatoes in the country) and making people feel fat! What an amazing revolution in gaming. ;) Maybe it's a Weight Watchers conspiracy.

Bug said...

Isn't that what I said about the Wii from the beginning? I'm not surprised.

I give it less than 6 months before the first health-related lawsuit is issues against the Wii.