Friday, September 26, 2008

my ancestors' legacy

Brief history lesson: In 1687, two brothers named George and Michael Harland landed in New Castle, Delaware and began the Harland/Harlan/Harlin family's colonization of America. From those two original Harlands, the Harland/Harlan/Harlin family spread out throughout the country, carrying with it three different last names since illiteracy was rampant and spelling more of a luxurious hobby than a necessity in those days.

Among the various tendrils of our ancestors that fanned out across the West was Silas Harlan, a hunter, trapper, and soldier for the Revolutionary Army, who founded Harlan's Station in what would later be named after him in Harlan County, Kentucky.

Fast forward two hundred and thirty years to this video, filmed on location in Harlan County, Kentucky.

So, I guess you can blame Ry and I if you want. And I know you will.


EmoRiot said...

this is the biggest bummer of the day... perhaps week.

please give me some indication that this not going to decide this election.

Bug said...

I wish I could.

But you should never underestimate the staggering level of stupidity this country is sometimes able to obtain.

markz said...

I don't know what you could possibly mean: this lady is the cream of the crop.

You know, if you left the cream of the crop out for a few weeks in the sun for wild animals to eat away at and shit on.

EmoRiot said...

I'm taking some solace in the notion that Kentucky is lost anyway. Obama's never winning Kentucky.

But it does make me worry about so-called Pennsyltucky.

russ said...

Man....Kentucky always gets the bad rap. This is not the majority of people in my home state. This is the minority, just as you can find in almost any other state in the union. And sadly, Kentucky almost always votes Republican (7 out of the last 10 presidential elections) but it's not because we're loaded with people like that.

Anonymous said...

Democracy only works when the people are invested in it. In this day of failed education and a general disinterest in fact finding and critical thinking, it's a failed experiment. Perhaps there should be a 20-question true/false test administered with your vote -- and if you fail the test, your vote doesn't count. It doesn't have to be a hard test. Like the driver's license test. But it'd still discount the segment of the country that is too stupid to vote intelligently -- the low-income underschooled faction that the Republican propaganda machine preys on. The Republicans would then be forced to educate their base, which, if nothing else, works in favor of the "democracy".

The_Simian said...

Hey, this is the other Jesse Harlin. I might show this to my grandmothers, they are always into geneaology.