Thursday, September 11, 2008


I find myself obsessively checking left-wing political blogs in the wake of the political conventions. The side effect? Rage. Anger. The physical manifestations of the "if you're not angry, you're not paying attention" bumper sticker.

I've been obsessively checking forums and reviews for the public's response to The Force Unleashed. If a comment is negative, I find myself instantly defensive. Yes, there are plenty of positive comments too, but the negative ones are the ones that stick with me.

I've been obsessively reading online about the shrinking middle class in California due to the crazy cost of living. I keep checking on the health of the mortgage industry, the banks, the rapidly falling price of oil but slowly slumping price of gas, and the soaring stock prices of oil companies that goes along with it all.

I want to relax. I need to relax. Apparently the advent of the Internet has brought with it a million little points of rage into my computer and over the last few weeks I seem unable to look away.


EmoRiot said...

no rage going on there. just pictures of a cute coyote.

The_Wolfe said...

Yeah, I can't say I like to see the negative comments on TFU either... People seem to be expecting a bit too much. The same way they did with The Clone Wars movie.. People need to take things at face value, and stop complaining. Stop looking at the bad things, and look at the good things. They need to see it for what it's for. TCW was mostly for kids, and it wasn't meant to be compared to the original films. Neither was TFU. TFU isn't supposed to be compared with Jedi Outcast, etc., either. It's MADE to be an unleashed-Force experience. Not a lightsaber experience.

Bug said...

Yeah ... but what are you going to do... There's something fundamentally off when a game can garner so many 80s and at the same time get a number of 40s.

The_Wolfe said...