Sunday, November 27, 2005

'tis the season

Amanda and I started our Christmas shopping today. Besides just kinda' getting the lay of the land and figuring out some budgeting, we also started to try and track down a few items.

Now, I'm not going to say who it was we were looking for or what item it was, but we did find something in our online travels that was pretty amazing.

I present to you The Fine Art Martini Frog:

For those who don't feel like following the link to find out more about it, this is a four foot tall, hand-painted bronze frog holding a martini glass. If you asked me, I would have put the price tag at something like $50.

Oh, how little I know about art, apparently.

This stunning beauty of a piece of crap is going for (drum roll please) $11,900.00! Twelve freakin' thousand dollars!! And that's apparently on sale from its original $16,000 dollars.

Good gravy. I think the thing that amazed me most of all was the ability to add it to your shopping cart with a Quantity tab. As if anyone on earth would need more than one of these if they had a spare $25,000 lying around. To quote Andrew Dick, "ri-doik-u-loise."


EmoRiot said...

Thankfully, they offer next day delivery so my army of 25 martini frogs will arrive tomorrow by 10:30am.


Bug said...

I admire anyone with a spare $300,000 to blow on an army of martini frogs.

The thing is, it begs the question: exactly how many do they have sitting around? What did they anticipate the demand for this thing would be?

phobucket said...

That depends it's the real Martini Frog, or just a knock off. Kind of like the Maltese Falcon.


Bug said...

I don't see Humphrey Bogart starring in "The Martini Frog."

Maybe David Spade. But not Bogart.