Monday, October 20, 2008

arming the stupid is dangerous


This is driving me nuts. You want to be bigoted and ignorant and hate Obama because he's black? As much as I hate to say it, you have a constitutional right to say so. You want to be xenophobic and ignorant and hate Obama because his name sounds Muslim? Fine. It's an idiotic reason, but it's just as superficial a reason as saying that McCain is too old. You want to consume nothing but sound bites and hate Obama because of his tenuous links to William Ayers? I think you're wrong, but political affiliations have long been scrutinized and this is nothing new.

A big fucking "HOWEVER" goes here, though.

The Republican party has been cris-crossing the country hammering on two completely separate points.

Point 1: Obama might secretly be Muslim because his middle name is "Hussein"
Point 2: Obama might secretly be "anti-American" because of his association with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers

Two separate attacks. The Republican party is relentlessly slinging this mud from their podiums to rabid audiences that are lapping it up. But here's the problem. There's this completely irresponsible disregard for how their dangerous messages are consumed. Watch the video from Al Jazeera of the rally in Ohio that made it's way around the blogs last week and it becomes apparent that the stupid of our country can't understand the separation between the two attacks. The Republican party has now misled people into believing that Obama is an Islamic terrorist.

That's not the point McCain/Palin are trying to make, but their irresponsible, scattershot accusations are combining into dangerous lies. And no one seems to have any interest in clearing up the confusion of their message. To McCain/Palin, hatred for Obama equals votes - even if they get them by turning a US Senator into the specter of a second 9/11 in the eyes of stupid, gullible white people.

The whole thing is disgusting. Dangerous, irresponsible, dishonorable, and completely un-American.


EmoRiot said...

See I think that's exactly the point McCain/Palin are trying to subtly suggest. Of course they don't believe it. But they want people to make that connection. Just like the way Bush's speechwriters cleverly linked Saddam and 9-11 without saying... Saddam was in on 9-11. But by mentioning them in the same sentence with subtly different context or in adjacent sentences, they made the connection for people.

So the know exactly what they're doing and they're pleased with themselves.

I can only wish upon them the most soul-crushing landslide defeat.

rooni said...

I completely agree with emoriot, that the hatred and fear is the exact response they're looking for. Just look at Joe Scarborough's testimony in his interview on the Colbert Report:


It starts at ~1:10, and gets really ugly (read: truthful) with his statement at ~1:50. Just replace "ratings" with "votes."

The_Wolfe said...

I agree with the first part, about how irrelevant it is that Obama's black and his name sounds Muslim. His dad was Muslim, but that doesn't exactly make Obama one. But both parties are obviously to blame for the lies. Not just Republicans, and not just Democrats. There's plenty of corruption between BOTH parties. About point 2, it's less his association with Bill Ayers, which, may or may not mean anything, but more the fact that he, until people made a big deal about it, wouldn't put his hand over his heart and say the pledge of allegiance. Maybe not anti-American, but very easily interpreted as UN-American.

What you've failed to mention is the fact that the Democratic party has mud-slung as well. Remember Palin's grandchild that was born not too long ago? A lot of people made a big deal that Palin's daughter wasn't married. That was done by the liberals and [liberal] media, CNN, etc. What do Palin's daughter and grandchild have to do with her? Nothing. Why? Because it's not rare for an un-married girl to have a kid. So, it's okay for everyone else to make mistakes in life, but not when it's a Republican or Conservative? Or for that matter, when it's a Christian? Nobody's perfect, and the mud-slinging is absolutely uncalled for. Republicans AND Democrats are responsible.