Wednesday, October 17, 2007

when the zombie wars begin...

Everyone is going to want to own a couple of these things. In fact, when zombies are taking over the Midwest, I bet you this commercial loses its disclaimer at the end.


Seth said...

Man, screw the shotguns. When the zombies come, I'm going at 'em with the 16th Century Spanish sword hanging on my wall. That and an old-fashioned butcher's knife. Old school!

(The sad thing is, I've actually given this whole thing legitimate thought on more than one occasion.)

Bug said...

Didn't you see 28 Days Later? All of that zombie blood you'll be splashing around will get in your eyes or your mouth and you'll become a zombie too.

You're effed, dude. You need the Back-Up. Maybe even one for each side of the bed.